• Sports park

    Tahkonpolku 9, 44800 Pihtipudas, Finland .


    Sports park including a fully equipped sports field, sand field, beach volleyball court, 3 tennis courts, parkour track, skateboarding area, graffiti wall. 


  • Rantaraitti

    Asematie 12 .

    A lovely walking path along Heinäjoki river and Lake Kolima, about 1 km.

    There are benches and bird-watching towers along the route.

  • Ritovuori Outdoor Recreation Area

    Ritovuori Outdoor Recreation Area, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    The area has several guided leisure trails that become skiing tracks in winter. In addition. there is a disc golf track, outdoor gym, snowboarding spot, fitness stairs, a sled hill and a lean-to. 

    The area is mainly lit. The nature of the area is varied, mainly hilly coniferous and mixed forest with boulders. There is also a trail connection from the Ritovuori trail to the Rapeikko nature trail and to Louhuranta from the forest road that branches off from Kolimantie.

  • Hiekan Hippos – horse racing track

    Tarhantie 62, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    Horse racing in beautiful surroundings with views to Lake Alvajärvi.

  • Heinäjoki museum bridge

    Ruukintie 2, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    The Heinäjoki bridge is located in the centre of Pihtipudas in a beautiful river landscape. Highway 4 crossed the bridge until 1962. Built in 1923-1924 from block stones, the double-span arch bridge is included in the list of nationally significant built environments drawn up by the Finnish Museum Agency, and the Road Administration has selected it as part of its museum road and bridge collection in 1982. The Heinäjoki bridge is significant in terms of information value, road traffic historical value and preservation value.

  • Pihtipudas Church

    Sallilantie, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    Pihtipudas Church was built in 1783, and the bell tower was built a couple of years later. They have been well maintained and are in good condition. In the summer, the church also belongs to the network of road churches and keeps its doors open for travellers.

  • Homeland Museum

    Sallilantie, 44800 Pihtipudas .

    In 1960, Pihtipudas-Seura (Pihtipudas Society) bought an old granary from the municipality of Pihtipudas. The granary was turned into a local museum, which was opened to the public two years after acquisition. The Homeland Museum is located right in the centre of the village, in the immediate vicinity of the church. The museum's collections include around 900 objects that tell about the history of Pihtipudas. The museum is open during the summer, Tue-Fri 12-16, Sat 10-14. For private and group presentations, please telephone +358 207 931 621.

  • Javelin Thrower statue

    Pihtiputaan urheilukenttä .

    The Javelin Thrower (Keihäänheittäjä) statue created by sculptor Niilo Rikula has the pride of place by the sports field.

  • Hiekka beach

    Tarhantie, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    A beautiful, sandy beach only about 2 km from the centre of Pihtipudas. 

  • Javelin Museum

    Putaanportintie 13, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    The Javelin Museum is the onlyJavelin Museum in the world. There, you will find sportsmen's and -women's prizes, javelins, outfits, photographs and other presentation material relating to the history and pinnacles of javel throwing. The Museum is located in the Putaanportti area, upstairs of the Kultakeramiikka store. It is open throughout the year during the store's opening hours.

  • LiigaPloki

    Tahkonpolku 9, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    Women's Championship League volleyball team LiigaPloki comes from Pihtipudas. The team's home games are played in Pihtipudas Hall about 200 metres from Koto Hotel, and the atmosphere is always great. Well worth a visit!

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  • Ice Track Finnish Championship 2024

    Tarhantie, Pihtipudas, Finland .

    Finnish Championship Ice Track Racing season 2024 finals at Pihtipudas, Hiekka Beach on 9 March 2024, starting at 12 noon.

    Ice track racing is a motor sport that is driven on a 1500 m long track made on natural ice, with one longer starting straight and curves in both directions. Two-, three- and four-wheeled vehicles drive on the track. The vehicles for the ice track are mainly built out of motocross-type vehicles by changing the suspension and building the safety devices on the wheels, as prescribed by the rules. The tires are special tires made for the ice rink. Building, maintaining and adjusting an ice track motorcycle develops the driver's technical skills. The top speed of the vehicles is about 150 km/h and the average hourly speed of the competition is about 90 km/h. The ice track requires special composure from the driver as well as a good eye for driving and control of driving lines. Drivers who drive fast in sideslip usually do not do well in this sport. The sport is an excellent offseason training for all track drivers.

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  • Löytänän kesäteatteri (Löytänä Summer Theatre)

    Rinteentie 19, 44730 Löytänä, Finland .

    Löytänä Summer Theatre 28.6.-19.7.2024

    A fun day out at Löytänä Summer Theatre, where you are entertained by actors from the Finnish National Theatre. The performances are in Finnish.

    Accommodation + theatre tickets are available at Koto Hotel.