Tiina Tainio, an entrepreneur and artist originally from Pihtipudas, holds an art exhibition for the first time in several years, and it will be seen in Koto Hotel in Pihtipudas. The works of the Elämäniloa! exhibition are inspired by expressionsim and include a strong message from the artist for people who are finding life hard in the coronavirus pandemic.

– My passion for painting reawakened during the coronavirus pandemic, when life seemed to become simply plodding along. Hopefully, I can now bring joy also to others with my art, says Tainio.

The two dozen works in the exhibition have all been created since last June. The majority of them depict flowers.

Tiina Tainio graduated as visual artist from Moscow State Surikov Academy of Fine Arts in 2000 and held several exhibitions in the 2000s in both Southern and Central Finland, as well as in Belgium, for example. Then, she became a framing company entrepreneur, work in her own framing shop took over, and artistry was put on the back burner for years.

– In my framing shop, I saw art daily, and I put my energies into running the business. This caused a natural pause of about six years in my painting. During that time, I discovered yoga and studied to become a Kundalini yoga instructor, says Tainio.

”Yoga gave a boost to my creativity”

Just over a year ago, when Tainio graduated as yoga instructor, she started running her own yoga studio on the border of Helsinki and Vantaa in the area of Suurmetsä, in addition to her main profession of framing. Tainio believes that yoga gradually freed creativity in her and helped her find her own voice as an artist.

– Kundalini yoga is based on chakras, our energy centres. If they are not balanced, the body shows various kinds of symptoms. I believe that my creativity was given a totally new boost from my yoga path. For the first time now, in my 50s, I have entirely new kind of joy and freedom of expression in my painting. I no longer think about whether I am painting correctly. In a good sense, I have forgotten the teachings of the art institute, says Tainio.

The part-time artist Tainio names French visual artist Paul Cézanne and Czech artist Alfons Mucha as her role models. The Mucha influence also inspired her in the past to create mosaics.

”I could not manage without orange”

A change in the use of colours is the most visible sign of the artist’s new flood of creativity. The greys and browns of the past years have been replaced by vibrant colours.

– I could not manage without orange! It always warms up the whole picture.

Tainio’s latest discovery is pen and ink drawing. At the end of last year, she drew a Christmas calendar picture every day using Japanese calligraphy pens.

Koto Hotel Pihtipudas is a familiar place for Tainio, because she has held Kundalini yoga classes there. According to her, the hotel is a perfect venue for an art exhibition. Today, Tiina lives in Vantaa, but her roots, her family, and her beloved summer house are in Pihtipudas. It is also for these reasons that she considers Pihtipudas the best place to organise a private exhibition after a long pause.

Since 2020, Koto Hotel Pihtipudas has made a mark as an art hotel and received background support in this from the Jyväskylä Artists’ Association. Tainio is the sixth professional artist originating from Central Finland whose exhibition is seen in the hotel.



In Tiina Tainio’s sales exhibition, her oil paintings are displayed. The exhibition opens in Koto Hotel on 9  January 2022 and it is on display until Easter. It can be visited during the hotel’s opening times, currently 3 pm to 8 pm.  The address is Keskustie 2, Pihtipudas