The Talon Tarinoita (Tales of a House) performance is a meeting of visual arts, dance art and music. The performers are visual artist Virpi Lehto and 4-5 dancers, as well as one musician. The art forms intertwine in the performance, creating an artwork that takes place in a moment, in which the dancers and the musician are inspired by the visual artist's artwork; by the forms appearing on the canvas, colours and images. An artwork in which the visual artist is inspired by the sounds created by the musician, the texts and the presence of the dancers. The performance is created using the Action Painting working method, utilising and being based on the Talon Tarinointa (Tales of a House) dance performance that will premier in autumn 2022 in Harjulinna, Muurasjärvi. It is a continuation of the performance series that brings the memories of Muurasjärvi to life.