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When you step out of Koto Hotel’s door, you are within easy reach of the finest leisure trails – or in the middle of services, if you prefer. The nearby area provides opportunities for magnificent experiences in the nature, whether you are looking for extreme experiences or would like to listen to silence, breathing the pure air of the Heart of Finland. If you are interested in the extensive and versatile range of cultural and sports events in Pihtipudas and the nearby regions, you can, for example, walk or cycle from the hotel to watch a home game of women’s Finnish League volleyball, or watch horse racing in the idyllic setting of the Pihtipudas sands.

We always have the latest information about the top events in Pihtipudas and the nearby region and are happy to help you with the arrangements, whatever you decide to experience during your holiday. 

Iana Vulpe myyntinäyttely

Iana Vulpe opens Koto Hotel Pihtipudas' new year of art

Koto Hotel's first art exhibition in 2021 presents the works of visual artist Iana Vulpe from Jyväskylä. 12 of her works are on display, the majority of which have been created in the past couple of years.   – I have used an experimental painting technique in the works, so-called process painting. In it, the brushstrokes do not remain visible. I have adopted this style from street art, where spray paints are used. I use surface colours and watercolours, says Vulpe. In her exhibition entitled The Root of the Universe, the artist, whose background is in graphic design, develops printed forms by the means of painting. According to the artist, the quality of print is the priority and only after that, the painting. In the exhibition works, strong colours and bold painting shapes are emphasised.    Vulpe also wants to use her example to inspire young people to try making art. – It is possible to create paintings for example on Finnish recycled plywood, like I do. In that case, the shape of the painting can be something other than the traditional rectangle. The protective covering on the plywood works is varnish, says Vulpe.   She says that her greatest sources of inspiration are scenery, people and events.  – For me, art is above all a thought process.   Indeed, in many of her works, Vulpe processes the great questions of existence and science, as the name of the exhibition, The Root of the Universe, indicates. – For scientific questions, I develop formulas, which are also visible in my works. The boundaries of science and art are blurred, and all things intertwine. The formula relating to the Root of the Universe can be found in one of the works in the exhibition.   Visual artist, graphic artist Iana Vulpe graduated from the Moldova Academy of Art in 2004. She has had numerous exhibitions in Finland as well as in Romania, Great Britain, Sweden, Norway, Italy and Moldova. She also works as art teacher in basic education in Jyväskylä, where she mainly teaches children.    Vulpe is a member of both Jyväskylä Artists' Association and Finland's Graphic Artists. Her works are for example in the collections of Central Finland Health Care District and the City of Jyväskylä.   Koto Hotel Pihtipudas has since autumn 2020 been profiled as an art hotel and received background support from Jyväskylä Artists' Association for this. Vulpe is already the third member of the Artists' Association whose exhibition is seen at the hotel. The intention is to present various art forms at Koto Hotel also in the future, within the limits set by the coronavirus situation.Visual artist Iana Vulpe's sales exhibition of mixed media paintings titled The Root of the Universe is on display at Koto Hotel, Pihtipudas, for two months from 1 January until 28 February 2021. The exhibition is open during the hotel's opening times Monday to Sunday from 3 pm until 9 pm. The address is Keskustie 2, Pihtipudas. www.kotohotel.fi

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Kotomaaseutua, a photograpic exhibition 7.9. - 6.10.2020

Heinäjoen silta

Photographs of Pihtipudas-based Martti Mäkelä on display in Koto Hotel

An exhibition of Martti Mäkelä's photographs titled Kotomaaseutua was held in Koto Hotel from 6 October until 8 November 2020. Mäkelä is a farmer from Muurasjärvi, Pihtipudas, as well as an experienced amateur photographer. He has been photographing the beautiful nature of Pihtipudas since his teens, and nature is in the main role also in this exhibition. Some of the photographs from the exhibition are now displayed in the hotel room corridor on the second floor of the hotel.   The photographs on display capture the different areas of Pihtipudas – Alvajärvi, Muurasjärvi, Elämäjärvi, as well as the village centre. One of Mäkelä's favourite subjects, Harjuntakanen in Muurasjärvi, is presented in several photographs.  – I did not want to select only one theme or location for the photographs but to present the many different facets of my home region. I have made 16 pairs of photographs, all of which have an overview photograph and a detail. The parts of the pair connect to each other by their colouring, or they are of the same theme or location, says Mäkelä.  The majority of the photographs have been taken this year, but some older ones have been included also. In addition, Mäkelä wanted to capture some of the most photographed scenes in the village, such as the old stone bridge and the Vuorijärvi rocks. In this preparations, Mäkelä also considered the exhibition space at Koto Hotel as well as what kind of an exhibition woulud support the hotel's operations. – I thought about which pair of photographs would suit which wall already in advance. During my visits at the hotel, I have also looked at how the colours of the walls and the photographs harmonise with each other.    Mäkelä's exhibition is connected with Koto Hotel's idea of art hotel. – We want to present the works of both professional artists as well as those of experienced amateurs such as Mäkelä. What is key is to offer visitors and locals aesthetic experiences that encourage the viewer to see the daily life and the world through slightly different eyes, explain hotel entrepreneurs Sirpa Laitinen and Anneli Williams.   Kotomaaseutua sales exhibition of Martti Mäkelä's photographs at Koto Hotel Pihtipudas 7.9.–6.10. during the hotel's opening times, i.e., every day from 3 pm. The hotel closes Sunday to Thursday at 9 pm and on Friday and Saturday at 10 pm.

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Beauty of nature

Lit ski track in Pihtipudas woods

Pihtipudas nature trail

Nature trails and outdoor recreation areas

A stone's throw from the hotel is a versatile sports park, where you can find a athletics field, three tennis courts, a beach volley field and a recently extended and renovated disc golf track. In winter, you can skate on an artificial skating rinks. The Ritovuori recreational area has a 5 km lit skiing track. 200 m from the hotel: sports park, tennis courts, outdoor gym, access to ski tracks 650 m from the hotel: (riverside trail Rantaraitti, about 1 km (birdwatching tower, a lean-to, possibility to swim - in winter, ice swimming 950 m from the hotel: Ritovuori outdoor recreational area, about 10 ha (a lean-to, a disc golf track) 2 km from the hotel: Heinäjoki nature trail 2/6 km (footbridge, birdwatching towers, a lean-to, a campfire) 3,2 km from the hotel: Rapeikko nature trail about 2 km (a lean-to, a campfire, a tar-burning pit)  in Muurasjärvi, about 30 km from the hotel: Yölampi-Imarrekivi-Harjuntakanen lean-to trail, 5 km  There are several beaches in Pihtipudas, the nearest are a couple of kilometres from the hotel. 

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