An exhibition of Martti Mäkelä's photographs titled Kotomaaseutua was held in Koto Hotel from 6 October until 8 November 2020. Mäkelä is a farmer from Muurasjärvi, Pihtipudas, as well as an experienced amateur photographer. He has been photographing the beautiful nature of Pihtipudas since his teens, and nature is in the main role also in this exhibition. Some of the photographs from the exhibition are now displayed in the hotel room corridor on the second floor of the hotel.


The photographs on display capture the different areas of Pihtipudas – Alvajärvi, Muurasjärvi, Elämäjärvi, as well as the village centre. One of Mäkelä's favourite subjects, Harjuntakanen in Muurasjärvi, is presented in several photographs

– I did not want to select only one theme or location for the photographs but to present the many different facets of my home region. I have made 16 pairs of photographs, all of which have an overview photograph and a detail. The parts of the pair connect to each other by their colouring, or they are of the same theme or location, says Mäkelä. 

The majority of the photographs have been taken this year, but some older ones have been included also. In addition, Mäkelä wanted to capture some of the most photographed scenes in the village, such as the old stone bridge and the Vuorijärvi rocks.

In this preparations, Mäkelä also considered the exhibition space at Koto Hotel as well as what kind of an exhibition woulud support the hotel's operations.

– I thought about which pair of photographs would suit which wall already in advance. During my visits at the hotel, I have also looked at how the colours of the walls and the photographs harmonise with each other. 


Mäkelä's exhibition is connected with Koto Hotel's idea of art hotel.

– We want to present the works of both professional artists as well as those of experienced amateurs such as Mäkelä. What is key is to offer visitors and locals aesthetic experiences that encourage the viewer to see the daily life and the world through slightly different eyes, explain hotel entrepreneurs Sirpa Laitinen and Anneli Williams.


Kotomaaseutua sales exhibition of Martti Mäkelä's photographs at Koto Hotel Pihtipudas 7.9.–6.10. during the hotel's opening times, i.e., every day from 3 pm. The hotel closes Sunday to Thursday at 9 pm and on Friday and Saturday at 10 pm.