Virpi Lehto is a professional visual artist, who originally comes from Jyväskylä and currently lives in Joutsa. The new exhibition is already her second exhibition in Koto Hotel in Pihtipudas.


It is very important that art and culture are accessible everywhere and for everyone, irrespective of where they live, says Lehto.


Virpi Lehto has a long career as a visual artist. She studied visual arts in University of Barcelona's Department of Fine Arts, specialising in modern art. Her painting style is spontaneous and expressive. Lehto makes oil paintings, watercolours and ink-wash paintings, as well as performances and environmental art. Colour-filled symbolism has always been present in her artworks.


In the current exhibition in Koto Hotel, the artworks are in dialogue with nature. The works are watercolours and almost all of them from 2022. Often, a human and bird are present in the artworks to tell a story about a universal human state. In different forms of art, the bird may appear only as a glimpse – an almost inconspicuous flicker – but never unnecessary.  


A bird means solace, longing, fear, threat – each viewer has their own interpretation.



TANSSIVA ELOKUU 2022 presents the TALON TARINOITA (TALES OF A HOUSE) performance together with visual artist Virpi Lehto in Koto Hotel.

Friday, 19 August 2022 at 6 pm.

Free entrance. Welcome !