Perille exhibition 8.10.2020–31.12.2020

Koto Hotelli Pihtipudas' series of art exhibitions sees the next chapter this week with the exhibition of textile artist Aino Kajaniemi.  The exhibition titled Perille (Arrival) presents the works of this awarded artist in harmony with the exhibition space.

In the works of textile artist Aino Kajaniemi, who comes from Jyväskylä, Central Finland, yarns and weaves come alive. The artist creates her artworks on a loom based on a black and white drawing. Indeed, she is known as a unique combiner of draft and weave.

– I have a sketch of the artwork behind the warp of a high warp loom and as I weave, I follow the drawing. Then, I tap the weft yarn into the warp with a fork, Kajaniemi describes her unique technique.

The material of the tapestry can consist of any kinds of yarns: linen, cotton, wool, viscose, silk. Sometimes, the works contain hairs, sometimes hemp or line. Kajaniemi has developed her work method throughout her career that spans over 40 years. She makes both large threedimensional textile installations as well as smaller images that are based on drawing-like elements. 


– When I leant to weave when I was young, I knew that I will not make rugs and tablecloths but used weaving as a tool for my own thinking and self-expression. Usually, I first make the tapestry and interpret the messages contained in it later. 


In Kajaniemi's works, the human is in the middle of the complexity and many layers of life.  She does not, however, proclaim openly but rather, sends hidden, poetic messages.

– Lately, I have thought a lot about how we find our place in our lives. At the social level, this relates to the wide refugee question, but each of us makes choices about how we spend our lives, considers Kajaniemi.


The Koto Hotel exhibition has been collected to complement the space. The name of the exhibition, Perille (Arrival) was also born from the ideas of a hotel and travel.

I want to construct comfortable spaces in the hotel through colour schemes. Even though I have a lot of black and white works, some of them have colours that are well suited for example to the hotel's lounge space. In Koto Cabinet, on the other hand, I place some larger, black and white works. The name of the exhibition, Perille (Arrival) refers to travel and  thus, to a hotel and to arriving at the core of matters in my tapestries, says Kajaniemi. 

Dozens of her works are displayed in public spaces around the country, for example in Muurame church as well as in the churches of Taulumäki and Palokka in Jyväskylä. In 2010, Kajaniemi was nominated Textile Artist of the Year and awarded the Jyväskylä culture award. 


In November, wall rugs designed by Kajaniemi will be displayed in Kunsthalle Helsinki in the major exhibition of wall rug collector Tuomas Sopanen. Currently, her works are also included in Jyväskylä-based Patina Gallery's Mistä on vahvat naiset tehty (What are strong women made of) exhibition, as well as in Saarijärvi, in the main exhibition of the Metsämaa tour implemented by the Visusti project.


Koto Hotel has this autumn been strongly profiled as an art hotel, supported by the Jyväskylä Artists' Association. In August, an exhibition of visual artist Virpi Lehto was organised in the hotel, and the intention is to continue to present various art forms in the hotel also in future, within the limits set by the corona situation.

Textile artist Aino Kajaniemi's Perille exhibition in Koto Hotel, Pihtipudas, 8 October - 31 December 2020. The exhibition is open  during the hotel's opening times: Sunday to Thursday 3 - 9 pm and Fridays and Saturdays 3 - 10 pm. The address is Keskustie 2, Pihtipudas. and tel. +358 14 562 110.